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The Driving Standards Agency Taxi Test.



To pass you are permitted to accumulate up to 9 driving faults, if you accumulate ten or more driving faults you will fail. Any serious or dangerous fault will be immediately recorded as a failure; the test will still continue finally returning to the driving test centre.

The taxi test is reflective of modern driving practices, the standard is set at a level suitable for full driving licence holders, it is important that you do not adjust your driving to what you may feel the examiner would expect to see, do not drive in an unnatural manner.

• You may be asked to do an emergency stop; you will need to demonstrate that you can stop as in an emergency, promptly and under control (avoid skidding).

• Whenever you have been stationary at the side of the road, remember your important safety check - check your blind spot (look over your right shoulder) before pulling away.

• You will be expected to understand and comply with traffic signs and road markings, as they are there to help you anticipate and plan your journey. You will also need to see and react to signals given by the police, traffic wardens etc. and signals given by other road users.

It is important that you read the Highway Code and be familiar with your vehicle. It is strongly advisable to consider taking professional instruction prior to taking the test.


• You should demonstrate your ability to securely erect the wheelchair ramps (whatever style of ramp is fitted to your vehicle)

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